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Becoming the proud owner of a property is not easy. It requires much hard work. You will also have to make personal sacrifices; however, the benefits that you receive once you have obtained your property are many. This is why you must cherish your property, especially due to the fact that it is very difficult to build a property in today’s market condition due to various factors. Increased prices and low loan eligibility amount due to recession are some examples! 

Whether you have a mansion, house or flat, it carries a value! But this value is of no use to you until and unless you channelize it in the right way as to make it work for you. Although there are many options from which you can earn through your property, the safest and easiest way is equity release. Property Equity is your guide to equity release for your property. We are highly recommended and have renowned advisors who have helped hundreds of people around us in releasing their equity in the most profitable manner for them.

Who we are?

We, at Property Equity, are aimed at providing the right and the best advice to house owners about picking up the most suitable equity release scheme for their properties. We have got experience in the equity release sectors and are well verse about the various schemes available in the market around us. We provide you with the right guidance and help you in making a decision which will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Why Property Equity?

There are hundreds of customers who have taken our help previously and they are totally satisfied with their experience while consulting with us. We have made their homes profitable for them and have helped them in getting recurring lifelong income. Here are some reasons to choose Property Equity for advice relating to equity release –

•Advice from experienced personals from the industry!

•Wide range of equity release options to choose from!

•Personalized advice according to your requirements and preferences!

 Equity Release Options?

There are many options available if you are seeking to release equity from your property! We offer the following options to you –

•Lifetime Mortgage

•Home Reversion

•Home Income Plan

•Interest Only

Each of the equity release option mentioned above is aimed at allowing you to release equity from your property. The equity release provider will allow you to remain in your home for as long as you like and will only sell your home once you have died or have moved into long term care. So, you can basically profit from your home for the rest of your life and do not have to worry about any repayments. 

You can get in touch with us in order to know more about each of the available option. Our advisor will explain to you the terms and conditions and benefits for each equity release scheme. For more information, you can log on to our website and contact us through the contact page. Or you can also call us and our advisor will visit you and assist you in your decision making.


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Lillian D. Wan

I have put two of my properties on equity release recently with Property Equity’s guidance. I’m getting paid back monthly and I’m very happy about it. Thank you so much for the advice.
Wesley P. Bourgeois

Property Equity did all the formalities and documentations which were essential. I was handheld through the whole process of equity release for my flat. Thank you!  
Christina J. Landon

The advisors at Property Equity seemed really knowledgeable during the whole process of equity release in my case. I was guided at each step and the process was made very simple for me.